You’ve Got the Gift

Have you seen the movie The Matrix?  It is a science fiction movie that describes a future in which the reality of humans is actually the “Matrix,” a simulated reality created by Machines in order to pacify and subdue the human population to ensure that they serve them.  If you have not yet seen the trilogy (or the new fourth in the series), I highly recommend it.

Actors Laurence Fishbone (Morpheus) and Keanu Reeves (Neo) are two of the main characters.  Morpheus tells Neo that humans are fighting against intelligent machines that were created in the early 21st century and that the Machines have taken control of the earth’s surface.

(Spoiler alert) Morpheus tells Neo that he believes Neo is “The One,” a man prophesied to end the war between humans and Machines and who will actually save human civilization.

I’ll admit, The Matrix IS one of my favorite movies. And, like many other classics, there are great lines that have a much deeper meaning IF we hit the “pause” button and take time to reflect.

Morpheus takes Neo to see The Oracle, a prophet who had predicted the emergence of “The One.” Not only does The Oracle inform Neo that she doesn’t think he is “The One,” she tells him, “You’ve got the gift, but it seems like you’re waiting for something.” 

WOW!!! Let that line sink in for a minute or two. We all know we have gifts, but are we using them to help others, to make a difference in the world, or… are we waiting for something?

How many times have you heard someone say, “that’s a great idea?”  What usually happens? Unfortunately, nothing.

According to Glenn Llopis, Forbes Contributor on Leadership Strategy, author of Leadership in the Age of Personalization, The Innovation Mentality and Earning Serendipity, most ideas remain dormant because people don’t have the courage, resources, time and/or money to take action.

The Oracle’s message to Neo might have been about resources, time, and/or money, however, my view is that it was more about him believing … in his purpose, his destiny, and whether or not he had the courage to step up.

How many of us second-guess ourselves?

How many of us really recognize, own, and appreciate our gifts? IF we do, do we then invest our time and energy to use these gifts for good?

Lack of clarity, self-doubt and seeking external validation are some of the biggest obstacles to embracing and using our gifts.
Ask yourself:

  • What are my gifts?
  • Am I leveraging them for the biggest impact? What kind of results am I getting?
  • Am I stuck? Am I waiting on someone or something?
  • What is holding me back from being my best self … from using my gifts for the greatest good?

Time is precious.  Make 2022 the year that you embrace and share your gifts!

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