What facilitation does for you, your team, and your business.

Facilitation. It’s the act of helping to move forward. To ease. To make less difficult.

That sounds about right.

If your business is like most, you’re doing your best to navigate this “VUCA” world we live in . . . a world that is volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous. A world where existing processes don’t always work, and plans don’t always “pan” out the way you hoped they would. We live in a world comprised of endless combinations of knowledge, skills, talents, biases, challenges, and personalities; or a world where the best solutions aren’t always apparent.

It’s time to bring in Joan.

What you can expect.

When you hire someone to help make your business work better, you want things to get easier. You don’t want another big personality to contend with.

That’s where Joan excels.

Joan is an expert at partnering with you (and your team) to assess your situation. She listens, observes, analyzes, and is able to see beyond the obvious to uncover what’s really going on.

Joan’s ability to nurture and elicit participation from all team members is unsurpassed. She makes everyone feel a part of the process, where there is freedom and emotional safety to contribute. That builds teamwork. Then she helps keep your team on-task and moving in the same direction. So you can set and achieve goals, goals that deliver desired results.

She creates an experience where team members can embrace the mission, see the vision and then identify and implement what good looks like to work in harmony toward a common goal.

As with every aspect of what she does, Joan addresses the needs of your company on an individual level. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. She customizes her recommendations so you get exactly what you need.

If you need…

  • Someone who really listens and demonstrates that skill for others
  • Meaningful discussions involving key members of the team
  • Solid ideas and realistic expectations
  • Concrete recommendations that are easy to follow and are executable
  • Curiosity, excitement and ownership from all levels of the organization
  • Achievement of desired outcomes

What JM Clark does…

  • Creates a warm and welcoming environment to ensure all are comfortable and eager to participate
  • Provides an appropriate design for your meeting, training, team building, or work event so that the desired outcomes are accomplished during the session
  • Encourages shared responsibility for the outcome of the meeting
  • Establishes a high energy level and maintains a pace that cultivates engagement
  • Asks “starting questions” and assigns appropriate prework to ensure high level of participation leading to actionable results
  • Offers guidance and smooth transitioning from one agenda item to the next so that all pertinent topics are covered
  • Recognizes and addresses dynamics and subtleties to avoid ‘group think’
  • Lays a foundation that is meant to be built upon

Ready to move forward?

If you feel like your team is stuck…that they just can’t get over the hump in terms of organization design, talent development, conflict resolution, shared goals, and effective workflows, contact Joan. She knows how to facilitate the overcoming of obstacles so that you can get a move on “and” move on…

Easy, right?