Do Your Best

When you read the title of this blog, what came to mind…

Did it come in the form of a question for you to answer? Did you hear a chastising voice (yours or someone else’s)?  Or was it the voice of an inspiring leader?

For me, it was a declarative statement made by my youngest nephew as he as shared his recent experiences as a Scouts Den Leader.

My nephew never participated in Scouts as a child. He is a good man, father and human being. As the father of an all-boy, only child, he knew there would be some challenges to parenting!

Even though my nephew has a great job and loves it, he also loves to be outside and active. He has taken it upon himself to teach his son life skills such as hunting, fishing, and how to change oil in a vehicle.

As importantly, he wanted to teach him: the Golden Rule; what being a good person means… integrity, honesty, doing for others; the importance of being prepared; how to lead; how to follow … all those really important things.

Recently, my nephew enjoyed the weekend with his wife and son on a Scouts camping trip. Did you know Scouts now is for boys and girls in the same group, right? (Wow, big positive change since my day!)

Each family needed to set up their own tent and campsite, and bring supplies for a community breakfast.  The first day’s agenda included Survival Crafts, Fishing, BB Guns and Archery – a kid’s AND an involved Dad’s dream!

The Scouts built toy boats and placed them in a tub to see if they would float… then they put weights in each boat until each one sank… how fun!! They built marshmallow bridges with toothpicks to see if the bridge would hold any weight… and finished up with a Hula-Hoop challenge.

Today, like many days, I awoke to an email from my nephew. “Good morning, Nana. The more I am involved with Scouts, the more I realize what the overall objective is. I think it is helping kids come out of their shell and teaching them how to lead. All the things they learn about outdoors is just the foundation for them to build upon, but the biggest thing we are doing is building future leaders.”

“I was thinking about you. If you ever get to the point where you’re looking to volunteer, I believe Scouts would be perfect for you. I’m sure they have a Scouts troop near you.”

I told him how happy I was that he was involved in Scouts and for how he was helping to shape the lives of young boys and girls. Then I added that I wasn’t sure that a career as a Human Resources Executive who subsequently started her own coaching and consulting business would be a good fit as a Den Leader…

Then, as they say, out of the mouths of babes came these words… “Nana, don’t sell yourself short, as long as you go by the Scout’s Motto, ‘Do Your Best,’ you’ll do fine. I can see you helping Den Leaders learn how to lead!”

So, I encourage you to practice the Scouts motto and “Do Your Best!” 

Are you selling yourself short? What knowledge, skills and abilities do you have that can make a positive impact on the lives of others? How are you investing in the future? Are you mentoring, coaching, guiding… Do you make time for meaningful discussions with early career leaders?

Any way you are investing in others is a good way; however It’s even better when you can invest your energy and time into helping a child…. they are our leaders of tomorrow and they have a lifetime ahead of them to become their best self and pay-it-forward!

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