• In the course of my work with Joan, I have cried hard, laughed harder, and grown into a confident and strategic leader. As Joan once told me, “some days you are the windshield, and some days you are the bug.” Thanks to her coaching there are fewer bug days, not just for me but for my team because we have all benefited from Joan’s coaching, strategies and tools which have helped us communicate proactively, establish clarity around roles and responsibilities, and to positively resolve conflict.

    Barbara McKenna Chief of Strategic Communications
  • Joan has an impressive ability to simplify achieving your professional and personal goals and isolate the true root behaviors and belief systems that do not serve you. I have regained control of my time and my business has grown expeditiously. Implementing her tool set has brought back balance within my personal life. Working with Joan was a brilliant combination of tough love with an invaluable commitment of fortitude and communication.

    David R. Delgado Lead Buyer Specialist - FDRG
  • Joan's style of coaching has assisted me in overcoming dark thoughts about myself. Our sessions are personal and professional at the same time. This really works for me.

    I learned some things about myself, this is all thanks to Joan! She is honest, yet gentle. I look forward to more Joan sessions in the future. I cannot recommend Joan enough!

    Sonia Moreno Buyer Specialist, Realtor® Fred Delgado Real Estate Group | Keller Williams Realty Partners
  • Joan is a great listener, supportive advocate, and true leader who can help you make changes which will have a meaningful impact on you and your company.

    With Joan’s guidance, I was able to identify key areas for development, collaborate with key advocates to help support my efforts, and ultimately make meaningful changes by developing the long-term habits needed for success. Through her efforts I was able to expand my engagement with other coworkers and empower leaders on my team to accomplish greater achievements.

    John McKinley Senior Director, Medical Education & Training, Synchron
  • Joan met with my team and was able to transform them, giving them purpose, location and direction. Each team member is at a new level, new commitment and new trajectory. It has been an incredible journey!

    Fred Delgado Founder, Fred Delgado Real Estate Group
  • Joan invests time upfront to make sure she has a firm understanding of the people, issue(s), resources and commitment to addressing challenges. She has a broad, diverse experience base and impressive tool set, but because she understands the issues and human dynamics, she is able to select a clear, simple, custom approach that really works. Joan is passionate about delivering meaningful impact and has a keen awareness to understand what it will take to be successful. She is honest and open when setting expectations going into a project.

    Hans Christinger Chief Business Officer, Neurvati Neurosciences, Inc.
  • Joan gave the commencement speech at Webster University's graduation. Never have I heard such an inspiring, encouraging, enthusiastic speech in my life. The gift Joan gave to these graduates with her words of encouragement “Be a student of Life” “dare greatly,” live a life defined by courage, caring, connecting, define your own success and make your mark on the world as no one else can. Having your life touched by Joan Clark will be one of the greatest experiences of your life.

    Corless Carroll Realtor, Bennion Deville Homes
  • When executive coaching was first suggested to me, I was reluctant. I didn’t understand the need for an executive coach and was apprehensive about the process and then I met Joan. Joan changed my view point. With her help, I was able to identify how I could improve my personal effectiveness as well as my effectiveness as a leader. My time with Joan was very rewarding both personally and professionally. Joan gave me the insight needed to adjust my leadership skills and that has led to increased positive results. The experience has been invaluable to me.

    Cindy Provin CEO, Thales eSecurity
  • I have known Joan for nearly a decade; and, our time spent together has led me to conclude that she is without question GUILTY! Guilty for being the BEST—best teacher, best mentor and best role model. I truly appreciate her dedication and tireless efforts on behalf of the people she serves.  To me it has always been obvious that she is the consummate management professional.

    Harry Schuler, Ph.D. Webster University
  • I know that the benefits of working with Joan and the lessons she taught me will stay with me throughout my career (and possibly my entire life). I received specific strategies for handling challenges, from managing direct reports, to approaching complicated (and politically charged) projects, to creating a team retreat agenda; had regular access to a relentlessly positive coach who was always in my corner and who I felt was invested in my professional and personal growth, and someone to rely on who acted as a sounding board and a confidant and gave me honest and thoughtful feedback and support. I cannot recommend Joan highly enough. She manages to marry kind encouragement with frankness and honesty in a way that motivates you do to your best, which turns out to be better than you realized.

    Gretchen Wright Director of Strategic Communications, WestEd.
  • I was amazed with Joan’s facilitation skills and her ability to involve everyone, push us out of our comfort zone and keep us on track. She was a true coach—challenged our thinking, promoted discussion, continuously asked questions and didn’t let anyone off the hook! Joan’s in-take meetings, pre-work and post-meetings helped guide our sessions, learn from each session and stay flexible. Our leadership team continues to quote Joan and looks back at our sessions as a great learning experience. I would highly recommend Joan’s services and can’t wait to have her back!

    Kayce Kraft Business Unit Manager / Parker Hannifin Corp.
  • There are few leaders, like Joan, who inspire you to look inside and realize more about yourself when you meet with them. She is authentically present when learning about the other person. She actively listens and cares deeply about your point of view and or challenges. I brought Joan into our senior HR leadership group to facilitate a half -day session on “what it means to be a strategic business partner in business today.” Joan designed the session by learning more about the members and their goals and then made the experience interactive and so thoroughly thought provoking. She is exceptionally good at asking provocative questions and communicating her desire to really help others know themselves and be open to exploration. When Joan facilitates, she takes you on a trusted journey to learning. I sincerely hope we have other opportunities to collaborate and work with teams in the future. Joan is a unique facilitator of conversations that make a difference!

    Sherry Benjamins President of S. Benjamins & Company
  • Joan Clark stands out as one of those unique individuals that you meet in life. She makes an impact from the moment you meet her, and you quickly recognize you’d like to know her better and work with her. In our first meeting, I was impressed by her competent and kind demeanor, her intellect, sense of humor and commitment to listening for understanding. Her skill in articulating an issue and suggesting potential solutions is outstanding. Above all, I have been impressed by her honesty, integrity and dedication to doing what’s right. I highly recommend Joan Clark as a corporate coach, facilitator, as well as an organizational design and team building expert. The outcomes she has produced have been outstanding and highly impactful in the evolution of my organization.

    Lisa Wright Jenkins President & CEO, Council on Aging – Southern California
  • I had the pleasure of working with Joan to facilitate a meeting with 24 physician executives that were all part of the same health plan team, but had never met together. As their new leader from an acquiring company, I anticipated a range of emotions from anger to healthy skepticism from the individuals. Joan provided pre-event coaching for me on how to accomplish my goals. She was perfect in this high anxiety environment. Her calm but deliberate approach made each individual feel comfortable and facilitated team members getting to know and trust one another. She empowered them by providing opportunities to inform me of their expectations. After the meeting, a number of individuals continued to reach out to Joan because they saw her as a true resource and one that could continue to influence how we could work together more effectively as a team instead of a group of disparate individuals.

    Greg Buchert, MD President and CEO of Blue Shield Care1st Health Plan
  • I had the pleasure of having Joan as an executive coach. In our first phone conversation I knew I had picked the right person to work with—she was methodical, thoughtful and positive. Through a series of stakeholder interviews, she was able to readily identify strengths and opportunities for my development. We then met regularly and her investment in face-to-face time made the interactions more effective. In addition to our scheduled time she always made herself available for a quick question or chat and would check in regularly to see how I was doing. She leveraged her impressive professional experience and commitment to continual learning to share best practices and coach me through some challenging situations. Throughout the process it was evident that Joan had a vested interest in me and my success.  I value the time I had with Joan and the impact she had on my development. She is not only a great coach but an amazing person.

    Debora Galasso VP, Marketing Technology & Brand, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics


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