How a great consultant can improve your business.

Every organization has a series of systems in place. They may be operational. They may relate to communications. They may have to do with workflow. They also may NOT be working very well.

Cue Joan, the total package.

Joan combines her corporate experience, or her coaching expertise with her talent for facilitating change.  It all starts with a person who cares as much about your business as you do, who adds active listening, building trust and communication. That’s Joan. What do you end up with—a valuable resource to help fix what needs fixing or moving your current state from “good” to great!

Why seek out the best consulting expert?

It’s not necessary for something to be seriously broken in your business to get some help. Sometimes, the smallest changes can reap the biggest rewards. It’s about continuous improvement in a “VUCA” (volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous) world, staying ahead of the competition and being the best “you” you can be.

Joan will strategically work with you to identify and address issues so you and/or your team can exceed current expectations.

If you need…

  • A sense of clarity in terms of mission and vision
  • Well-defined roles and responsibilities for every member of the team
  • Measurable goals and objectives that are clearly stated
  • Ongoing talent development—not just with new additions to the team, but also with existing employees
  • Succession planning to keep people motivated, highlight and develop top talent
  • Change initiatives delivered in a way your organization can support
  • Reinforcement of existing corporate initiatives, strengths, and culture

What JM Clark does…

  • Encourages corporate self-reflection to help you determine your company’s sense of purpose, direction, and responsibility
  • Provides the right framework to remove unnecessary complications and keep things simplified, prioritized, and streamlined
  • Employs the gold standard organizational design Star Model™ methodology to increase efficiency and effectiveness by improving the clarity of mission and vision, evaluating to ensure right talent in right places at right time, identification and focus on the critical few key objectives. Desired results are obtained through increased collaboration and engagement of key stakeholders

Want to improve?

If you know (or even think) there are areas where you or your organization could be better—even if you’re aren’t sure exactly what they are—look to Joan. Her expertise in business, organizational design and human resources in the national and international corporate world, across multiple industries, can help you identify and address issues. So you can get back to the business at hand.

Tired of those “one size fits all’ consultants? Ready to perform at your maximum potential? If so, contact Joan. She is passionate about helping individuals and organizations achieve the extraordinary—every day.