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More than just a professional coach,
Joan is all about meaningful discovery.
Break through and uncover your hidden passion, potential, and success.
Joan will help you discover the new you.

Ready to achieve the extraordinary?


  • Facilitating personal, professional,
    or corporate growth.

  • Helping organizations
    achieve necessary, results-driven,
    strategic transformation.

  • How a great consultant
    can improve your business.

Meet Joan

Joan was in the corporate world for years. What she noticed was that there are a lot of people who live a life someone else created for them rather than being deliberate about who, what and how they want to be.
Often, people don’t think the way they want to live and work. Rather, they just go from one required task or challenge or accomplishment to another. Your best work and living comes when your values, knowledge, skills, abilities, competencies, and capabilities are in alignment. When you’re “out of sync” it can really jam up the works.
When we take the time to evaluate what really matters—be that personal or professional or corporate America—great things happen.
Joan has been fortunate enough to find her passion and live her own truth. She is dedicated to paying it forward. We are not part of a one-size-fits-all society.
Let’s get together and figure out what approach fits best for you. So you can be your most extraordinary self.
More About Joan

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What Joan's Wonderful Clients Say

  • I was amazed with Joan’s facilitation skills and her ability to involve everyone, push us out of our comfort zone and keep us on track. She was a true coach—challenged our thinking, promoted discussion, continuously asked questions and didn’t let anyone off the hook! Joan’s in-take meetings, pre-work and post-meetings helped guide our sessions, learn from each session and stay flexible. Our leadership team continues to quote Joan and looks back at our sessions as a great learning experience. I would highly recommend Joan’s services and can’t wait to have her back!

    Kayce Kraft Business Unit Manager / Parker Hannifin Corp.
  • When executive coaching was first suggested to me, I was reluctant. I didn’t understand the need for an executive coach and was apprehensive about the process and then I met Joan. Joan changed my view point. With her help, I was able to identify how I could improve my personal effectiveness as well as my effectiveness as a leader. My time with Joan was very rewarding both personally and professionally. Joan gave me the insight needed to adjust my leadership skills and that has led to increased positive results. The experience has been invaluable to me.

    Cindy Provin CEO, Thales eSecurity


Joan not only has the insight and compassion, but the corporate chops to actually deliver on these big promises. How can you be sure? For starters, Joan has:
  • 25+ years’ experience in human resources
  • Measurable and meaningful experience in aerospace, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing throughout the US, China, Europe, Canada, France and Mexico
  • Hundreds and hundreds of professional endorsements on LinkedIn (705 and growing to be exact)
  • Certified coach through the Hudson Institute
  • Responsibilities for $4B in corporate revenue
  • Oversaw 20,000+ global employees
  • Management of annual HR budgets exceeding $9M
  • Developed HR programs resulting in $7M in savings over a three-year period
  • Strategies with tangible results in Operational Excellence, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Talent Management, Acquisitions Integration and Wellness
But don’t take our word for it. Contact Joan and see for yourself...and for your organization.


Ready for change? Ready to become your best self? Ready to make the best investment ever – an investment in you? Ready for a true and lasting competitive advantage? Make sure you put your trust in the right partner / consultant / coach / facilitator.