You Think You’re Ready to Make a Change in the World?

Three Questions to Help You Determine How You’re Doing!

As a young girl, I used to dream of making a difference in the world. I wasn’t sure how, but I knew I wanted a different life and that I wanted to help others. Today, many years later those dreams and many others have become realities. Was this by accident… divine intervention, hard work, luck, or a combination of all these?

My belief is that “all these” is the correct answer.  I have a dear friend and mentor who says, “I couldn’t re-create my life if I tried.”  I think he may just be right.  What about you?  Sound familiar?

I’ll bet you’ve already made a lot of difference in the world, if you take time to think about it.  But unless we know where we want to go; how will we know if we’ve gotten there? I always like to start with the end in mind, so get out your pen and paper.

Question # 1.
Let’s start with “What Does Making a Difference in the World Mean to You?”
You’ve might have heard the saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  Well, the definition of making a difference in the world is in each of our heads, hearts and hands.

Before we can actually make a difference, we need to be clear about the difference we want to make. So, take a few minutes to think about what making a difference in the world means to you and jot down your thoughts. What would it look like? What would be different?

Question #2.
Of the kazillion things in the world What is Most Important to You?  Family?  Friends?  Wealth? Success?  Achievement?  Health?  Happiness?  Leaving a Legacy? Being the Best Mom, Dad, Aunt or Self that you can be?  Being Happy?  Saving the Planet? Overcoming Injustice?  What are you so full of passion about that you are willing to invest your precious time and energy in?

Now, create three columns across your page:

  1. Most Important Things to Me
  2. What I’ve Done
  3. What I Want to Do

Under the first heading, write down those things that are most important to YOU.  Don’t try to prioritize, just let the ideas rip!  There is no right or wrong here.

Once you’re finished writing, look back over your list and circle the top 5-10 things that are most important to YOU.

For each of those items that you circled, write down in column two the things you’ve already done to positively impact that item. Think hard… often we’re so focused on moving on to the next thing that we don’t “hit the pause button” long enough to celebrate our successes.

Click here to download a worksheet

Question #3.
Now, the most important question!  What do you still want to DO about those things that are most important to you? To help you focus, fast forward with me to your death bed. Looking back over your life, what do you see yourself doing about those things that were important to you that now brings a smile to your face as you get ready for your next chapter.

Jot them down in the What I Want to Do column.  Once you’re done, review the list and pick just ONE thing to do. (I can hear you screaming now!)  Yes, this IS where it gets really difficult.  We want to do so much, and we have capacity to do a lot, but the reality is we can’t do everything. We can do a good job on a lot of things, or a GREAT job on a few things. So, humor me and pick just one, at least for now.

Then, like lyrics to a country music song … live your life eatin’, sleepin’, dreamin’ with just that one thing on your mind until you’ve made the difference you wanted to make and are ready to move on to your next important thing. Until we meet again, KEEP the MAIN THING THE MAIN THING!


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  1. Lauren Ross

    Dear Joan,
    Your website is so refreshing and brings back memories of you, your light and purpose. I so look forward to reading them. Reflect, dedicate time – then put the pen to paper to set things in motion in the universe for that next step for me. <3!

  2. Larry Schultz

    Thank you Joan for providing this helpful framework for thought, consideration, and continued planning to move forward. Take care and best regards, Larry

    1. Joan

      Thanks for your kind words! Take care of you! Best – jc

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